"Just to say my son-in-law and I spent a totally successful hour or so, this afternoon, fitting the convert-a-flap.
With most things like this, you are never fully sure of the outcome, however, the instructions were very clear and we really made light work of the job.
The outcome is, to say the least, an utter transformation, I would like to add my thoughts to your list of testimonials if you would allow.
Very kind regards, Keith Chapman

"I very much like the way in which you have converted the flip top to a slide out..."
Doug "Mr Fix It" King - Practical Caravan Magazine
"The kit for my Pageant Majestic was great. Instructions very easy to follow. Took me 30 minutes to fit. Very Pleased..."
Howard Hill
"I ordered the kit over the phone, it came very quickly. We fitted it "easy peasy". Looks fantastic and will make life a lot easier..."
Virginia Elliot
"I fitted the Convert-a-Flap to my van last week, no problem. Took about 20 minutes including gathering appropriate tools etc. together..."
Roger Jarvis
"I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the kit to convert our table in the Caravan, such a simple thing but it is going to make things so much easier for us, thanks."
Wendy Kennedy
"I received my Convertaflap Kit this week and just wanted to thank your Team for a great product and service"
Peter Wall
"Just thought I would drop you a line to say how successful the slide out Table Conversion is. Everyone that has seen it thinks it is a brilliant idea. It looks smart when completed and does not detract from the van's overall image. Pity Bailey did not think of it in the first place."
Neil Cunliffe 
"I bought one of your conversion kits at this years NFOL at Newark-on-Trent. I was that keen on doing the modification that I completed it during the show. Well what can we say, its freed up the front table allowing us to leave the TV in situ. This also allows me to get to my sock drawer !!! with out having to move everything out of the way.
Thanks guys for a simple and the best mod ever to be done to our caravan."
Kevin & Maxine Rivers