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Originating from the design of a much respected caravan engineer who was fed up with the hassle of clearing clutter and unfolding the tabletop  just to eat a snack - Convert-a-Flap leaves you with an easy to operate slide out table.
The conversion "kit" contains full fitting instructions and all the components needed to enable anyone with basic D.I.Y. skills to carry out the work, which should take about 1 hour.  The specially designed brackets which are fitted to the sides of the chest to support the existing flip over top, create a fixed surface which enables the occasional table to be pulled out for use, avoiding the need to remove clutter first. 

DIY Kit - £33.00  (inc. P&P)
Credit/Debit cards accepted - Please email or phone 01427 717109 to order
(Please Note: brackets illustrated here may be different to those supplied in your kit)
Abbreviated Fitting Instructions


The procedure is very straightforward with easy to follow step by step illustrated instructions which are included with every kit.
The process involves removing the hinge at the rear of the two existing flaps, then covering the exposed bare wood after removal with “wood effect” iron-on edging tape (supplied in the kit).  The loose flap is then fixed with the special brackets supplied, and spacers if needed, to the sides of the chest to create a “fixed” top enabling the existing flap which remains attached to the “runners” to be pulled-out to form the occasional table.